About Stefan Avalos

About Stefan Avalos

As a feature film and television writer/director -- with a strong background in classical music, Stefan Avalos brings an understanding of story picture and sound that goes deeper than most editors. Having worked in every sector in the business, from corporate video to feature film and broadcast/network television, he knows the full gambit of production and post production.

With his 1998 movie, The Last Broadcast he (along with co-partner, Lance Weiler) helped define the “digital revolution”. It was among the first feature films to be edited on a desktop system and THE first movie to be released digitally in cinemas across the world. (preceding The Phantom Menace by eight months)

With this indie-spirited background, thinking on the fly, “getting under the hood” and continual education in the latest toys, Stefan is a multi-hyphenate editor with a wide arsenal of tools that he knows and uses well.
Stefan first started editing non-linearly on Steenbecks and Moviola flatbeds before moving onto “digital” non-linear systems. He doesn’t miss cutting on film one bit.

He prefers Final Cut 7 to Media Composer and Premiere Pro over either. However, as he uses what is requested, the order of most-used to almost-never is Avid, FCP, PPPRO.

He thinks Adobe After Effects is one of greatest things since sliced bread and wishes that building his actual studio had been as easy as doing it in Cinema 4D.

He is adept at many tools and will use whatever tool is required (or requested) for the job at hand; including a razor and tape, if one really, truly wants.

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